Aladdin is a dynamic eCommerce website designed to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers globally. It serves as a comprehensive platform where sellers can manage their online businesses, and buyers have access to a vast array of products from around the world.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to create a marketplace that not only facilitated smooth transactions between buyers and sellers but also offered a seamless and secure shopping experience, catering to a diverse range of products and services.

The Solution

Aladdin was developed with an emphasis on user-friendly navigation, robust security features, and an efficient system for managing listings and purchases. The platform was designed using Figma, ensuring a sleek and intuitive user interface.

The Result

Aladdin emerged as a successful eCommerce website, distinguished by its ease of use, security, and extensive reach. It has empowered sellers to expand their businesses and provided buyers with a reliable and diverse shopping platform, significantly impacting the global online marketplace.

Tools & Libraries

Our Approach

Collaborative Planning

The development of Aladdin was marked by a collaborative approach, focusing on integrating advanced eCommerce functionalities while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. The planning phase prioritized building a versatile and scalable platform to accommodate a growing user base and diverse product categories.

Design System

we chose green as the primary color due to its strong association with nature, growth, and vitality. Green evokes feelings of tranquillity and harmony, mirroring the soothing experience of gardening and plant care. This color enhances the app’s theme of connecting with nature, creating a visually cohesive and calming user interface. It also aids in concentration, making the learning aspects of the app more engaging.


we have selected the Poppins font for its modern and friendly aesthetic, perfectly complementing our green color scheme. Poppins, known for its geometric shapes and clean lines, offers excellent readability and a contemporary feel.

Aa Poppins


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