Amazon seller central

Amazon seller central

Amazon seller central:

Amazon seller central

All you have to do is just open any of the
Browser you have, and then search there,
“Seller”. After that
You’ll be able to see a homepage like this,
then all you have to do is Just click on the “Sign up” option.

Amazon Seller account:

Amazon Seller Registration
Amazon seller registration

After clicking the Sign-up option, you’ll be able to create your account in Amazon. While creating your account, they will ask for your Location, Address, Debit Card ID and it will also charge you $39.99. So, I Would recommend you to use $100 for Amazon account.

Amazon FBA & FBM.

What is the difference between FBA & FBM.
FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon” while on the other hand FBM stands for “Fulfillment by Merchant”.
Take a look on the picture above, amazon FBA means you just have to set delivery for the item from your inventory to the customer’s location and then the Amazon will deliver it from its Warehouse.

Amazon FBA and FBM Image
Amazon FBA & FBM

And Amazon’s FBM means that you have to buy the product and then it will be delivered to your location then you have to pick the item and then you have to deliver it by your own. Take a look at the picture below.

Amazon FBA vs FBM
Amazon FBA vs FBM

Credit or Debit Card:

When creating account in Amazon, it will require Your Bank ID or National ID, And I would recommend you to use $100 In your Bank Account and after adding $39.99 in your account then your account will be created.

Amazon Seller-7
Amazon Seller-7

After creating your account, you have to wait just 2 days for your account verification. And when your account is verified then you’ll receive an Email from Amazon that “Your account has been verified, now you can start your selling journey”.

Then you have to start selling your products.

Bank Depository.

Now first you have to connect your bank account with Amazon so, when you get paid then the ($$$) will automatically be transferred to your bank account. You might be thinking that how we can add our Bank Account with Amazon?

Take a look on this picture above, on the screen you can see on the Top right corner “Settings” Click on it and there add your Bank Depository.

How to add products in Amazon Inventory?
Now a question rises that, how to add products in Amazon’s Inventory?
The answer is very simple and easy, you can easily add products in Amazon’s Inventory Just by clicking on this inventory option.

When clicking the inventory option, then you’ll be able to add your products. For example you want to sell Perfumes, baby products, winter products, summer products or Fashion items etc. It’s upon you,
So, now you found an item named Slim Green tea, and It is $23 or something, then you don’t have to buy it immediately because first you have to add it in your inventory by clicking on the product’s “Sell Yours” Option. Check out the picture below.
Here you can see, the option named “Sell Yours” You have to click this option to sell it item by your own.

Amazon Add Product
Amazon Add Product

Selling Products.

The product, and when he buys it then you’ll receive an Email that a
Person wants to buy the products or the item that is available in your inventory.
Then you have to go to your inventory and buy the product you’ve added
And then sell it to the person. Then you’ll get paid by amazon.

Active Listing.

You have to keep your listing active. (How to keep your listing active)

You need to buy new products daily and keep them in your inventory to attract people so they can buy products from your store.
Take a look at the picture below.

Amazon active Listing
Amazon active Listing

That’s how you have to keep your listing active. Buying new products and selling them in a very good quantity will help you grow your store and then you’ll be able to make $100K very easily. etechviral give you all info about amazon.

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