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Inkblot Art emerges as a dedicated social media platform for artists, accessible on mobile (Android & iOS) and web interfaces. It serves as a creative haven where artists from various backgrounds can showcase and share their artwork, fostering a vibrant and supportive artistic community.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in developing Inkblot Art was to create a feature-rich, user-friendly platform catering to the diverse needs of artists. With over 100 features, including post creation, comic tools, post scheduling, and real-time chat, the app needed to be robust yet intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience for artists to share and engage with art.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Inkblot Art was developed using a combination of Android Studio, Flutter for cross-platform accessibility, and Node.js for efficient backend processing. Firebase and Cloud Functions were integrated for scalable database management and backend functionalities, while Redis and Sembast were utilized for enhanced data handling and storage solutions.

The Result

Inkblot Art successfully launched as a comprehensive social media platform for artists, offering a rich array of features and a seamless user experience. Its diverse functionalities, from social networking to real-time communication, have made it a go-to platform for artists to connect, share, and grow their artistic presence. The app stands as a testament to the effective use of technology in enhancing creative expression and community building.

Tools & Libraries

Our Approach

Collaborative Planning

The development of Inkblot Art involved extensive planning and collaboration, ensuring that each feature was tailored to the needs of artists. Emphasis was placed on creating a user-centric design and engaging interface, with regular testing and feedback loops to refine functionality and user experience.

Design System

we chose green as the primary color due to its strong association with nature, growth, and vitality. Green evokes feelings of tranquillity and harmony, mirroring the soothing experience of gardening and plant care. This color enhances the app’s theme of connecting with nature, creating a visually cohesive and calming user interface. It also aids in concentration, making the learning aspects of the app more engaging.


we have selected the Poppins font for its modern and friendly aesthetic, perfectly complementing our green color scheme. Poppins, known for its geometric shapes and clean lines, offers excellent readability and a contemporary feel.

Aa Poppins


What our client says

Jay Brown


Amir and his team are passionate and experienced in flutter. They patiently communicate and collaborate on every addition of feature in the app. In recent two years they build my startup product from scratch where now I have over 10k+ users. I highly recommended their services.

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