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& Firebase Bootcamp

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This bootcamp contains more than 50 hours of in-demand lessons, real world applications and software development best practices. After watching this Bootcamp you’ll feel more confident on your flutter app development skill. Head on over to the details below of each week in order to get to know how this bootcamp will polish your flutter app development skill with firebase.


Fundamentals of Flutter.

This week is all about setting the stage for success: from installing the Flutter SDK to unraveling the essentials of Dart. You’ll bring your first Flutter app to life, understanding core widgets and diving into UI design. As you explore rows, columns, stacks, and scrollables, you’ll build an engaging onboarding UI, laying a solid foundation for your future Flutter endeavors.


Flutter Widgets + Firebase Basics.

This week is where we will elevate your app development skills to new heights. This week will cover several widgets including BottomNavigationBar, SnackBar, Toast and much more. On top of that we will learn and understand state management solutions in flutter such as BLoC and Cubit and we will touch the basics of firebase and authentications and lastly to build a complete Notes app.


Flutter Advance & Response Designs.

This week is where we will start designing complex UI designs in flutter. The 1st big project of this week is a Food Delivery App for mobile, and the 2nd big project of this week is building LinkedIn Clone Mobile UI and 3rd big project is building Linkedin Clone Web UI + fully responsive design. And finally in this week we will understand flutter under the hood and SOLID principles in Dart.


Building WhatsApp Clone Clean Architecture (Firebase Full-Stack).

Over Weeks 4 and 5, our Flutter & Firebase Developer Bootcamp enters a transformative phase, focusing on architectural excellence and intricate feature development. You’ll begin by unraveling the mysteries of Clean Architecture, learning to structure projects for scalability and maintainability. Using that knowledge we will build a compete WhatsApp Clone with so many features in flutter.


Building WhatsApp Clone Clean Architecture (Firebase Full-Stack).

This extensive segment covers everything from user authentication and real-time chat functionalities to status updates and call features, spread across multiple videos. You’ll also delve into advanced topics like message status (seen/unseen), and managing user online/offline statuses, adding depth to your app. These two weeks are crucial in transforming you from a Flutter enthusiast to a proficient developer ready to tackle complex, real-world projects.


Building Google Map Clone Clean Architecture + Publishing Packages on pub.dev

In this week you’ll gain hands-on experience in integrating Google Maps in your Flutter applications. You’ll learn to display markers on the map, stream the current user’s location, and even draw polyline routes between points. Furthermore, you’ll learn Firebase Cloud Functions for push notifications, and lastly you’ll gain a unique opportunity to contribute to the Flutter community by creating and publishing your own package on pub.dev.


Flutter Platform Specific Code, Testing & Publishing Apps on Play Store & App Store.

In this final week 7, we will write platform specific and different types of tests in flutter. These tests include Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and Widget Testing to ensure your app’s robustness and reliability across platforms. Lastly, we will publish our own apps on Play Store and App Store. Embrace this week as a celebration of your journey from learning to launching, as you step confidently into the realm of professional app development.
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